If you have already selected and ordered a project from a mini-beam for self-assembly, you need to provide a place to store the house kit. We recommend an additional 2 m on each side of the future building.

The production time of the wall house kit is 5 working days..


The mini-beam is a fairly light material, so a monolithic foundation is not required for it. The main ones can be sand concrete blocks measuring 200 × 200 × 400 mm.

In addition, screw flaps of small diameter 89 mm and a total length of not more than 2-2.5 m can be used.

Foundation work takes no more than 1 day..


Wooden bases are mountened after the foundation and waterproofing layer. Beams (logs) are mounted along the strapping.


The wall kit is assembled as a constructor without nails. Therefore, they can immediately connect with each other according to the instructions. The average time for assembling the walls of a team of 2 unprepared people is 1-3 days.


Boards forming the frame of the future roof are mounted first. A roof board (imitation of a beam) 20 mm thick is nailed to them perpendicularly with nails. Then the roof covering is mounted on top using nails.

Doors and windows

Windows and doors are delivering with already embedded hinges and locks for easy installation. It is enough to simply insert them into the holes in the walls.



After connection electricity, installing lighting fixtures and sockets your new cozy house is ready for the first guests!


it is enough to paint or treat with an antiseptic.